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  Evolution keyboards were made solely to end the inconvenience of purchasing an expensive keyboard that turned out to be just ok or not even close to worth the cost. At Evo we look to build and assemble top-notch keyboards utilizing only the most durable and advanced technology making sure that every keyboard is well worth the price. We understand that the sound of key switches can be a huge must for gamers around the world so we spend additional time and money to lube (thin oil that smooths out the switch) in order to improve the sound when pressed. At Evo we understand the significance of performance and consistency in games so we build our keyboards with minimal input delay and a custom actuation point to improve your in-game skill level instantly. We take pride in our designs of the keyboard as buyers are always looking to have the coolest setup. Our sleek designs are specifically put together to improve the look and style of your setup. We understand that the keyboard is supposed to be a highlight point to every gaming setup out there so the quality of lights and design is a significant focal point. Finally, at Evolution keyboards, we take an utmost amount of pride in the fact that all our custom-made keyboards are hand assembled to provide a durable keyboard that improves performance in-game and makes your setup ten times better than all of your friends.

  At this moment in time in the early stages of this company we are accepting payment through PayPal.  Direct purchases on this site range above a hundred dollars but truthfully custom orders have no real limit in either direction. Purchases on our site have a five dollar tax after a purchase, The client will be sent an immediate email thanking you for your purchase and giving you the option to track your order.  After purchase, the product will arrive at your house in at most seven days unless something were to happen. If this were the case you will be notified through email the day something was to happen and told how long it would be delayed. Refunds are unavailable on the cite but you do have the option to request a refund through email. If you still have questions about our cite or products there will be a company email below where you can also request for your custom keyboard. 

Shipping and purchase information

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